360° Sustainability: Discover the News of Ristorante Corbezzoli

Ristorante Corbezzoli reaffirms itself as a bastion of 360° sustainability, embracing a philosophy that takes shape in every aspect of the restaurant, from the choice of raw materials to the use of renewable energy.
A commitment that starts from the table:

  • Seasonal and local ingredients: Our menu features seasonal and zero-kilometer ingredients, carefully selected to enhance the freshness and authenticity of flavors.
  • We favor local products, supporting the territory’s production and reducing the environmental impact of transport.
  • Anti-waste recipes: Each dish tells a story of respect for resources. Our recipes are designed to minimize food waste, optimizing the use of each ingredient and transforming scraps into delicious creations.
  • Ethical culinary experiences: Taste meets conscience. Our sustainable cuisine is not just a way of preparing food, but an experience that involves all the senses and nourishes the soul, aware of doing our part for a better future.

Beyond the table, protecting the planet:

  • 100% renewable energy: Our restaurant is powered by solar energy. The photovoltaic panels installed on the roof meet the energy needs of the kitchen, lights and air conditioning, eliminating CO2 emissions and the impact on the environment.
  • Electric car charging: For our customers who love sustainable mobility, we offer an electric car charging station, naturally powered by solar energy. A small gesture to promote the spread of a more ecological transport model.

An invitation to discover:
Ristorante Corbezzoli is not just a place to enjoy excellent food, but a real sustainability laboratory.

Come and visit us and live a unique, conscious and valuable gastronomic experience. Taste real sustainable cuisine!